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Ascension Business Services is a Scottish based company providing a comprehensive range of services in e-business and telecommunications, focusing on business improvement through the deployment of technology.

Ascension specialises in providing help and assistance defining strategy and requirements which deliver true business benefits. From the inception of a business case to the delivery of a solution Ascension Business Services can provide the independent advice required to ensure that identified benefits are realised throughout the life cycle of your project

In today’s competitive environment companies are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less. In many cases this means utilising new technology to provide better customer relations, new competitive advantage or to streamline processes and reduce the cost of operations.

  • IT solutions or Technology may not be a part of your core business

  • You may never have been involved with new technologies before

  • Maybe previous attempts to utilise technology have been painful to your business. 

The skills you need are often not available to you internally?

Ascension can help reduce or even eliminate these issues for your company.


Let Ascension take your business to new heights


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