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  • Would you like to deploy specialist knowledge to large numbers of people?

  • Would you like to introduce consistency in your decision making?

  • Would you like your employees to carry out highly skilled activities for a fraction of the cost?

  • Do you undertake complex assessment tasks which absorb employees time?

 How can you take the knowledge held in documents or in the heads of experts and share this with everyone?

Xpertrule delivers experience, knowledge & consistency


Xpertrule Knowledgebuilder allows you to capture knowledge held in experts heads or in documents and deploy this knowledge to a wide range of people and channels. 

Xpertrule's unique graphical interface allows owners of the knowledge to easily capture, add new areas or modify the knowledge content without the need for any technical knowledge. (no programming skills are required to alter and add knowledge).  This allows direct input of the content by the experts themselves.  No need to explain what you mean to the IT department then for them to try and interpret what you mean.



    Xpertrule Graphical Interface        



Knowledge Capture


There are two main ways that knowledge can be captured:


1) Decision Trees

Likened to a flow chart because of the interface (Please see picture above).  This method documents your business rules graphically and can be generated by dragging and dropping objects from attribute classes on the interface.  Linking the objects together builds your business rules up to a point where you can have a complete map of what you do.

2) Case Induction

In this method where you already have a collection of IF-THEN cases defining your business rules perhaps in another system, a database or in an experts head then you can easily induce a decision tree from your information.


In both areas of knowledge capture we can either facilitate the capture of the knowledge or help your company realise your business rules in the application.



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