"Loosely Specified Tenders Produce Over Inflated Prices"



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  •  Does your Organisation manage multiple tenders every year? 

  •  Do you specialise in the buying of goods, services or products for other people?   

  •  Does your organisation have to manage a tender for the first time? 

How can you run a fair, independent tender process without the need for lengthy procedures, policies and tender experience?  How can you standardise your selection policy for all procurements and concentrate on the core activity of selecting a supplier who is right for your business?  What options are available which will take away the complexities of the tender process and therefore reduce your tender evaluation time?

Tender Management Service






From Business Case to Implementation

Ascension’s Tender Manager Service spans the complete tendering lifecycle from the creation of a business case right up until the implementation of a project.  Utilising  a proven methodology, the individual components of this service (Shown above) can be delivered separately or together to provide a consistent, repeatable, rapid and reliable method of tendering which allows your organisation to concentrate on the delivery of real business benefits.

Loosely specified tenders produce over inflated prices.  Ascension can help you define your requirement and provide the level of detail required to allow suppliers to respond with solutions that truly match your business needs.

Our Consultants are independent advisors with experience in large scale technology deployments in eBusiness, networking, telecommunications and IT Security.

Tender Manager

“Tender Manager” is an application which controls the tender evaluation process and simplifies this for the individuals involved in the final scoring of Tenders. This application conceals the complexities of the weighted scoring system from the individuals while calculating and summarising the overall suitability of the supplier's response.

With minimal amount of configuration “Tender Manager” is designed to provide:

  • Faster Evaluation Times

  • A Clear Audit Trail
  • A reduction in scoring errors
  • A reduction in scoring complexity
  • Each Suppliers results in graphical and / or textual format

Already proven in complex IT procurements "Tender Manager" can be utilised in any large or small scale procurements where there is a need to demonstrate that the tender has been run efficiently and fairly while ensuring best value. 


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